Celebration times come on

How did i celebrate the job yesterday? By dancing on bars? Drinking my way through half the bars in London? Swimming in champagne?

Not really. George and me went to the cinema to see Civil War and before that ordered take away vietnamese watching GoT on the floor of his room. Didnt see that one coming did you? (btw, AWESOME movie. And i got my popcorn. Winning)

We did have 2 shots at Found first but that had to be done. I mean…new fucking job which right now feels like a 100 times too senior for me. But, you dont grow unless you believe in yourself.

(Hard earned lesson when i got chosen to be Lucia and DIDNT want to because scared shit less of standing on stage and dad looked at me and said ‘I wont make you but sometimes you just have to do the things you dont want to’. And i did it. And I kind of sucked. But look at me know being a god damn toastmaster. High five dad.)

Yes, this is a picture of a baby with a dildo. Filippas hen do is creeping closer and the pepping props have started showing up. And Ingo, you have the right to blame it all on your mum and your crazy aunts.

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