Look at me rollin’

Was a good girl last night and stayed home even if the temptations were everywhere. George asked me if I wanted to join him at the W hotel where Nate, the guy we hung out with on Monday, was DJing. I said no. Even if it was open bar.

Then i got this message from the crazy kids. Partying with pop stars on the table. Close by as well. Cant get more tempting than that.

But. Stayed home. Even i need adulting from time to time. Cleaned my room, read some book, talked to cuz. Generally feeling pretty amaze. I mean, life and me are on a roll at the moment.

I also played Bad Ass Bitch and called the company and asked for a higher bonus and they said yes. Look at me roll. Cissi 5 years ago had NEVER dared to do that but Cissi after the last years shit storms have definitely come out a bit more ‘sometimes shit just needs to get done’ and well, just do shit that needs doing. I even did one of my interviews in ripped jeans because if they want me this is what they’ll get.

And they did.

And dad, I KNOW im all self centred (as mum like to point out) but Im just pretty proud of myself. Because this is NOT what I thought id ever be able to do when life was crying in bathrooms and puking my guts out.

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