Ive been in bed for 2 days completely taken out after this weekends sheningans. Sweden is dangerous. Or maybe its the low level stress of 2 hen do’s, interviewing and toastmaster that finally gor to me. Either way, damn you cold.

The weekend made it worth it though. Landed Friday night and went straight to Sanna for some candy shot cooking. Making sure we could keep drinking all day without getting too drunk we decided to make our own shots.

Said and done. We created a lab worthy of Walter White and started the cooking.

It wasnt complication free but in the end we had 3 bottles of murky looking candy shots to see us through the day. Yummeee

Everyone met at the first stop – the line dance place. F had been kidnapped in the morning having the exchange condoms for a juice at one of the fancy cafes in sthlm. Good work.

She changed into the outfit of the day – a skin tight lycra business suit fully fitted with a dildo to give her the feeling that she was indeed finally a man.

Sanna and me were wearing naked man t-shirts in her honour.

Then followed hours of line dancing. Sanna bathed in sweat. I took photos and used that as an excuse to not show off my crap dancing skills. Filippa aced it of course.

After all that excercise time for lunch, gifts, drinks and catch up. Half the gang was either pregnant or breast feeding but the rest of us made sure to down those candy shots.

All of a sudden a naked man walked in and took his clothes off. Time for life drawing. Varied results but happy faces all around.

More drinking, talking and eating. And, more men…

F being serenaded by 4 handsome boys. Dont mind if i do.

But all things come to and end and after a couple of hours taking it easy and chillin vanillin we went to Laserdome for some serious game time.

Quick change of clothes and we were all dressed in the theme Canada meets the West Coast. Charlotte owned!

Next stop was dildo ping pong. Harder than you think.

Sanna and me playing with the limpies. We still havent figured out what they were really for but excellent stress ball. And photo prop.

F’s dildo in all its glory. Cant understand why the people working at Ugglan was somewhat tired of us.

After Ping pong dinner at sjätte tunnan, including mead and never ending Ronja singing. As you do. Finally ending at Skeppsbar taking over the place. Have to love a place that lets you be awesome all night.

I found a hat.

and a Katta to take selfies with.

The night ended with Sanna and me walking through town meeting a 45 year old dad having run away from his boring couples dinner trying to give us weed. We kindly declined and crashed into bed.

Filhippa was brilliant and no wonder i crashed at the end of all that awesome. Pretty happy hen do season is over. Bring on wedding season.

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