The parents 70th

Ok, the last Sweden post. About time since im back in Sweden on Thursday.

My last Saturday was time for mum and dads 70th. It was a party. Apparently too much of a party since they called and complained about us not having cleaned the place properly. Being told off like a kid.

First party though. Sis, me and Jakob’s Samdra. Sandra and me very matchy in gold. Not easy being introduced to the giant family. So i made sure to wear flats (also because soo much nicer when on a boat. Or like always.)

Jakob pulls the whole tall sisters off a bit easier. Like my flashy bag in the back, thats the kind of thing ol would never had let slide.

Love this pic. They look so clever. Both in my dads ties. Fashion. Both my Dad once and the men that follows his lead.

Yeah, yeah. You are both gorgeous. And smart. And funny. And my god damn family. Proud and itsy bit jealous of all that awesome.

But hey. Mostly i just love you. And miss you. And frekking love hanging out for a danceathon and all you can drink party.

Then we were on a boat. And dad was handsome. Gave a very lovely speech to my mum. And got a speech from his Uni friend. Which explains everything. Dad is actually a norwegian spy, that is what he was doing all those years when he was just gallivanting around Stureplan. Go figure.

Mum and Hans Petter. It was a beautiful sunset outside so the best setting to celebrate my amazing parents.

Me and the siblings did a speech as well. It went well. I hope. We had people laughing at least and mum cried a bit. Mission accomplished.

But mostly we were the cool kids and went for cigarettes. Hanna was there as well. She is coming to visit me in London, Ill hold her to that promise.

Just because so, so beautiful. Damn i love Sweden sometimes.

Then we drank to 5 in the morning. Cant really say a thing we spoke about but hey, thats standard summer night behaviour.

Back in a couple of days Sweden. Hope you missed me.

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