That middle of the week feeling

Hump day! Or as we say in Sweden – ‘lilllördag’ (small saturday). Or in my case – 14 more days of ‘work’. I need to treat this blog to a lot of love since actual working will happen at the new job. At least i think so, I do have an uncanny tendency to delegating myself useless. Even before i had people to delegate to. The upside of being somewhat lazy.

Last night me and Woolly invaded Katta. He owned her sofa and i ate all her food (she is such a brilliant chef). We paid in love and endless conversations about boys. We would so have failed the Bechdel test*. But thats ok, we cant be bad ass super heroes all the time.

Tonight George is coming my way for TV time before im off to sweden. Sure its important to hang out and talk and stuff but so many good shows. Have you guys seen Preacher yet? Its basically Seb (well, he looks like Seb) with a drinking problem possesed by an angel/demon. Say no more.

Also, im pretty much psychic. Told you in September George would come into my life after Christmas. Storming in with a smile on his face is pretty accurate. As is the shit loads of fun.

Ive actually fulfilled all the things i told myself I would do a year ago, including the new job. See me rock and roll. Now i need some new goals. The best Halloween costume ever. Thats a worthy goal. And less shopping.

Nah, who am i kidding. Love shopping.

*checking whether or not two female characters talk to each other about anything else than a man. A sad day for women that only about half of all films meet this chriteria.

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