2 big ones

Ok, for you Swedes out there no missing that Midsummer is coming up, that yearly chance to eat somewhat bland traditional food, show off your frog dancing skills, drink snaps like there is no tomorrow and enjoy the midsummer curse – the never ending bad weather,

Looks like we are being treated to some spectacular thunder storms this year. Bring it on! I have my rain coat and never ending cheer (lets ignore the masive amount of moaning I did this morning) and a drink tends to fix the shittiest of weathers.

But even more important, Britan votes Brexit. My dog is of course all for in, he doesnt want mum to have to leave the country. Not having the right to vote I count on my fellow british country men. I believe in you! Remember you love our weird European ways, Ive seen that at both Midsummer in Hyde Park and Lucia. And not to mention a good cray fish party.

I made me and George taco dinner last night. Another fine swedish tradition. Even if it wasnt friday. Im a rebel that way. Then we watched Sweden get beaten once again in football and drank some Mackmyra whisky. Slowly swedifying…

Woke up crazy early. Down side of sharing a bed with someone on the jet lag. Up side – monkey arm cuddles. Ill remember those when I have to share the loft with my stand in boyfriend PP. Its the second time around we’ve had to share a bed due to not having a significant other with us. Last time PP was so scared of snoring he stayed up with me until the bitter end, that is why we are getting the loft now. Where dreams go to die and the drunkest get to sleep.

Good thing i can sleep through an earth quake with enough snaps in my blood stream.

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