Cool dudes

It was a short work day yesterday as of my quick snap post. I jetted home straight away and locked all the windows. Not risking all my shoes being stolen by some fashion forward rude boy.

That meant a lot of hours to kill. Started off by snoozing for an hour. Then met Katta for a walk around the river and the standard ice cream.

George sent me pictures of his new sunglasses. For Berlin. Two rings to rule them all. Need to up my outfit game for that city of too cool for school. It will also be 26 degrees. Skin tight blacks are out.

Then Sanna tagged me in an old picture on FB. This is an outfit! Us being dressed up as our best friends Siji and Fiji, two 15 year old boys, for a Ericsson tour back in the days. Note our facial hair.

That night ended with me losing everyone, going to a very posh gallery opening I passed on my way trying to find home, being given a hammer (so much why!) and then going to meet Magnus at a club deciding to scare him by running for him with the hammer.

I was restrained by the bouncers and told to go home.

After walkies me and hound stayed on the sofa

and i admired my print setting off my place perfectly. I was told by Albin that i have no taste due to my flat kind of looking like a flea market. He’s got no taste! Want it Sthlm white. I love my little crazy, colourful place. Its like the inside of my head.

Then i threw away some clothes, did some cleaning and other practical things and swore over owning SO MUCH STUFF. One day i need to get rid of all of Olivers things as well because they are still taking up two full wardrobes as well as half of the basement.

Today eating cherries and doing nothing. Life!

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