Busy being busy

Last night is not going to go down in history as one of the most productive ones. Even if its getting to crunch time with the wedding preperations. My first instinct of NOT going for a party weekend when you have shit loads to organise was right. Then I got side lined by all that sexy beard of my boyfriend and said yes anyway. Also, felt so grown up canceling BM i needed to prove to myself im still a massive kid. I am.

George, being awesome, decided to come down to mine after work so I bought ALL the food and then we did sofa time. And went to bed at 10. I was going to say ‘being that couple’ but realised that the only reason was that we didnt sleep over the weekend. I guess we are that couple but definitely not that other couple.

This morning realised that there is no putting off the shit that needs dealing with any longer so today busy doing all the things that should have been done long ago. Like getting shoes. That is at the bottom of my list though. See me rollin (in my own stress)

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