Hey stress

So, thinking im pretty ok with stress not having been stressed at work for like a year I have this wedding spring realised that is NOT the case. Add wanting to make your best friends happy, interviewing for a new job and travelling 5 weekends out of 6 and even i start sweating a bit.

Coming up to the last days before the most stressful one – the double whammy of being both bridesmaid and toastmaster, things have started to go wrong. In the ‘is there anyway i can pretend being sick and just not go’ kind of wrong.

But being a tropper (this is when Kixs likening of me crawling on my elbows no legs saying im fine rings very true) im going to rock this wedding. Might have to cry at bit in George’s arms first. But in the end rock it.¬†

Headed to Olivers studio last night to pick up dog and get some help with the artistic side of the shit that needs doing from the Holmses.

It was some serious artsy creativity going down. Glad I had the help because the result was excellent. Will show after the wedding.

Then came home and realised that half the things I need to fly over with is not allowed on the plane. Which is kind of ‘what the actual fuck’ because its basically too late to organise it any other way. Not sure how I will work this out. Try and distract the airport security personnel and run through.

So i popped a popper on Woolly. He just kept sleeping.

Among all the other things had to fill in some paper for new job and marvelled at the use of concubinage as a marital status in France. Just what.

Tonight getting the last couple of things sorted as well as dinner with the man before bye bye London. I have a crazy hope nothing more will go wrong but not holding my breath.

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