Bolst wedding

Ok. I survived. I did it. My big ass stress moment that’s been building up all spring. I have basically had a tiny lump of achy stress since February due to all the hen do’s and weddings and being toastmaster for Filippa and Erik was the big finale to the whole thing.

Knowing that the whole dinner is on your shoulders can break the calmest soul. Even mine.

But i aced it. Yes. I did. Admit to yourself when you do something well. And now its only one more wedding and then no more trips for at least a month. Bliss.

The last unresolved things for me leaving London was all the sparklers and confetti but Magnus (all hail him) managed to find it on the way to the wedding. With that the worst of the stress just melted away. I ended up with a feeling of ‘oh well, it’ll just have to be what is’.

Landing in Visby after 10 houts travelling I met with Sanna and visited her stand during Almedalsveckan and we decided to plant some trees in Africa. When on Gotland.

We then bussed out to Djupvik and after a lovely dinner with the rest of the closest wedding people crashed into bed.

On thursday it was a full day of organising. Magnus and me had to put the last of the things in place and write our introductions etc. Could have had a worse view for that.

After that we went to the ruin they were to get married in for rehersal. Bride and bridesmaid extravaganza.

Because we rock we aced the rehersal bit and in the evening it was time for drinks with all the other guests at a little fishing hut just by the sea.


We danced in the windy cold, ate whole roasted lamb and saffron pancakes and I was extremely happy i chose no heels

Took some beer and sunset selfies for George.

Around midnight we headed home since we all knew it was a big day tomorrow. Being sensible and grown up. My life these days. But, given that 10% of the wedding was pregnant and I kid you not at least 60% of all people there had kids i still felt like a massive kid.

In the morning headed to get our hair done. At 8 in the morning. No rest for the wicked.

I got Hollywood hair. Felt like a doll again. Twice during 2 months. Need to go full rock and roll asap.

Filippa looking beautiful as always

Bridesmaid trio!! Who knew when we all danced around on the bars down in Lund drinking ALL the shots.

It all went well. They said yes, we bathed in sweat and no one fell. I call that a success.

Then toastmastery. Sanna had given me a beta blocker before and that was magic. I was zero nervous. Me!? I invented nervous. Instead i breezed through it all and if I get to say it myself, did a great fucking job.

Magnus and me did our entrance to a fog machine and ‘Club cant handle me’ and then did a 10 min speech about Brexit and weddings. Then introducing all the speakers to different songs and ending it all with fountain candles and confetti canons.



Eriks dad accompanied the end song ‘Love generation’ on saxophone. Me and Magnus danced our socks off knowing that it was FINALLY over. We did it.

Lets just say i drank my own weight in shots and GT after that and by the end of the party Sanna and me picked up our onsies (i have my very own now. Life goal) and closed the party looking epic.

We also joined the bride and groom for the after party. Because its Filippa and Erik. And us. And a damn fantastic party.

On Sunday felt like this. There was nothing left. Im not entirely sure how i got through my 10 hours of travelling crashing into bed at 2 in the morning. But. Trooper.

Still at work on Monday and admiring the cute bracelet F gave us bridesmaids for our hard work.  And my almost tan.

In the evening George came over and since he is looking for a new job he spent most of the evening trying to get his portfolio in order. I helped by, well, doing nothing and giving him caffeine tablets.

At midnight me and W fell asleep on the sofa and by 3 woke up to crawl into bed.

George had to run off when i was in the shower and i came out to this little note. Love you too.

Only 3 more days at work now then the last wedding trip and then a week holiday. The stuff of dreams.

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