Got my much needed sleep last night. My aim was to stay awake until 9 and I got caught up doing laundry and cleaning my room so made it to bed at 10. And because LAST week at work lazied my way through the parks playing Pokemon Go this morning and came in an hour late.

Woolly didnt mind the lazy of last night. At all.

Tonight’s my leaving drinks but im hoping it wont go too big given that im off mega early on friday night, our flight is at 5.30 am. And i feel the last 2 months travelling, not made out to be a international super babe.

At my last leaving do i had to leave at 10 due to drinking my own weight in flatliners. This time around i was sneaky enough to only invite people 2 days ago hoping not enough will come to get me horribly drunk.

Pray with me.

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