Paris dreams

In Paris living the French dream. Ish. On the plus side – delicious food, cool offices, a beer or two with Sven last night and the cutest hotel ever. 

On the down side – a urine tract infection in my kidneys and the antibiotics only tonight. It’s been an interesting first week in pain. A political hornets nest in the office and A LOT to do (with said UTI making me not on my A game) and France being royally pissed off at UK for brexit. Never have a flagged my Swedishness more. 
All in all, pretty good. And want that medicine. 

Dinner for one last night. Living the Parisienne dream. Then Sven saved me from a lonely night at the hotel. 

My basically still screaming steak. Yes please. 

Free sweeties and soft drinks at my hotel. Knowing how to sweet talk weary travelers. 

Below today’s lonely lunch. Not very Amelie. Missing the wine and the book and the sexy French guy. But, heading home to my own bearded, hot guy so I’m fiiiiine. 

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