Good morning peeps

Off to Berlin today with this clever looking guy. Woop woop. Chaos will happen. And i need to buy gold sandals for Fs wedding. Big plans. Tonight we are meeting a friend of Gs. And on Sunday we are going to Berghain. And in between…who knows…

However, a bit hanging today after meeting with the work crew yesterday. Me, Dimitra, Lisa and Dan met at The Yard in Soho. Lets say only Dan could pull in that place. But a lot of eye candy for the rest of us. George met us after a while and not sure how and when but managed to drink quite a lot of GTs. Talent of mine.

The others went on to bigger and better adventures but i headed home to my dog carrying George new glasses to keep them safe. Suits me. Maybe ill pretend i lost them. Might be called on it though.

Then woke up, hanging, like this. Thinking ‘whaaaaat!?’

Cheeky dog for putting his tail between my legs