When a man moves in with a saw

Love the weeks when you have a cheeky Monday off because they feel so quick. Except I was SO TIRED yesterday that day felt like at least 3 days. So in the end a loser.

Once I came home from work I admired our Oxford book shop buys.

And my new Christmas decoration. George is starting to get a feel for the craze that is me and Christmas. Poor guy. But. On the other hand, only 115 days to Christmas.

I cooked us delicious dinner. Crab, chopska salad and corn on the cob. A given combo. But the crab was too crab-y for George so I got it all.

Then I placed my ass firmly on the sofa with a bag of bilar admiring my man doing creative things. Like designing me a ring.

Woolly, the master chiller, did what he does best. Chilled.

Went up close to see what he is actually doing with those torture instruments he has brought into my flat.

Looks legit…

Kind of hot. A sexy man with a saw making me jewellery.

I crashed into bed around 11 and missed baby brother George coming to the flat but I’m sure I’ll get to see him over the week.

Came to work after a somewhat lazy morning and found this in my phone. Hunk.

Living Oxford

The last of the bank holidays are done and dusted. Now we have to wait until Christmas. And yes, the count down have already started. Ofc.

Bank holidaying though. On Friday we had work drinks and then I joined our new starter Natalia, who is my friend jeans girlfriend, back to their place.

Jeans been telling me i have to come visit in the new flat and end up on their photo wall representing Sweden.

I did! The polish tries to claim the vodka, then at least I can claim the ability to swig straight from the bottle.

Go Sweden.

Jean was a very happy boy after being given wes Anderson shoes by Natalia. Good skills.

Then London bank holiday happened. I went to found. Then we went to loves. And shutterbug. And maybe some other places. Who knows. We missed 7 am cut off time with 5 mins.

On Saturday it was a BBQ at Bellas place. I was ruined though so I mostly chilled and drank tea and then slept on a bench at found until George was done cleaning up at 4am.

That’s when we moved in the last of his stuff. Why be normal?

Woke up early (ish) on Sunday and headed to Oxford. I played the best joke and had booked the swankiest 5 star in town and George face when he realises he is rocking up in a Wonder Woman t-shirt was a winner.

We headed out and drank ciders at the Turf. Apparently in good company. It was here the former Australian prime minister did the record breaking yard challenge. And Clinton not inhaled the smoke.

We stayed with the ciders.

Headed to the hotel and this is George best ‘wtf’ face. Because soo fancy.

Look at him fitting right in.

Our room was lovely and featured a bible. Now we have the answer to why George is an atheist…

For dinned went to an awesome middle eastern meet tapas restaurant and ate ALL the food.

Then we rolled home appreciating the quiet of the Oxford streets. Tried to go to a bar but everything was closed. Our livers rejoiced.

Came home, went to bathroom and when coming out again got greeted by this extraordinary sight.

So much awesome.

And then breakfast. Because yes. 5 star hotel breakfast is pretty banging. Especially sitting in a room that is my dads wet dream.

We had about 10 min before we needed to leave the room. So I made sure to use the robe and pretend it was my life for a bit.

For our last day we ended up spending about 2 hours in different book store. Serious love my life vibes when you find a man who loves books as much as you. And that you can buy 6 books with that both want to read.

So yeah, love my life.

After all that exercise cider time. We went to a pub from the late 13th century. And made our century proud by drinking and discussing almost intellectual things.

Then we had one too many and booked an overnight (!) trip to Prague next weekend to go see Dan perform his play. Because obviously that is what we do.

Oxford. You were awesome. Bank holiday, you killed me.

Today George brother is back in town. No rest for the wicked.

Dreaming of Friday

Friday. Freaking awesome. This week has been quick though. And warm. Will dream of this when winter hits.

On Sunday me and George head to Oxford for an overnight stay. Much needed. We are planning punting and walks and all the other lovely things.

And a crazy party in our hotel room channelling fear and loathing in Las Vegas. Had to be done when this showed up on my recommended buys from Asos.

High five for my branding.

Other exiting things in my every day life? I bought a pink pig you for Woolly. Yup. Crazy like that.

Then I took a little spin on the bike again. Look what being alone in my flat does to me…

Very sweaty!! Problem with being extremely unfit. But that will change with cissis booth camp.

Then we slept. Because that is what we do when no one is around.

But today fridaying. Heading up to found later. Woop woop

Surprise exercise

George is currently in different stages of moving in. The first thing to move over was a VERY big exercise bike. That is currently living in my bedroom.

Needless to say I might not love it.

But, then the unexpected happened. I was bored at home yesterday and realising that winter 2016 is fast approaching decided to give it a little cheeky spin.

Yes, me and this guy has a moment. It was sweaty. And hot. And included anime. All the things I love.

When George eventually got home from work he had the honours of getting into bed with a very sweaty me.

You are welcome.

This little dude mostly chilled though. He is master chiller after all. He kept giving me ‘wtf’ looks for my very unnecessary exercise.

I hear you, too much of that can be dangerous.

Lazy days

A much needed night at home yesterday. I cancelled seeing George parents because of dog and being very tired. I think the job is catching up with me. And being perfect girlfriend. Sometimes you need to be imperfect. 


Was supposed to be night on the sofa but the weather is lovely at the moment so Katta and me ended up going for a walk. 

Seriously. The weather. People everywhere by the river and warm enough for t-shirt at midnight. 

Today got myself a new phone. The old one is smashed. And old. This one is pink and shiny and new. 
And so pretty 
Might be taking another chilled one tonight. G is moving in the last of his things after work but I’ll be sleeping for that. 

On fire

Last night went to the polish with George parents. It was delicious as ever. But I need a food and alcohol break. Badly. They want me to come to Found tonight but I’m not sure my body can handle it. I’m weak. The Bulgarians are killing me.

Speaking of alcohol. Here’s some pictures from last weeks drinking night with Gamesys crew. 

There was a lot of jägerbombs involved. 

As always with this lovely lady.

Kola kept telling everyone to use flash when trying to photograph him. That’s never really my problem. 

Cool girls having a great time together. Because why hang out when you can Instagram how much fun you are having.  

But we were on fire with the finger dance. Hands up for the finger dance. 

Loving this crazy crew, hated the hung over the day after. 
Always worth it though. 

A weekend with the new family

I’ve had such a lovely weekend with George parents. Met them already on Thursday for dinner and drinks with them fresh off the plane from Bulgaria. It was ‘impress them’ times so I was on best behaviour. Like W when he begs for chicken. Insta cute. 

I think I succeeded. Having the fact that I’m keeping their son in Europe against me I’m proud George dad said I’m the girlfriend he liked the best. 

George mum brought me this awesome Amber necklace from Bulgaria and an opal one from Australia. Spoilt. 

On Friday night we went for Louisiana gumbo dinner and then drinks at Charlie’s place portside parlour. 

Parents went home. For the best. I think Gs plan of taking them to the lock in was…optimistic…

After a lay in we went to Broadway market and London fields. We left daddy Krastev to play chess against the chess man. 

When we came back (me a lovely ring richer, Gs family have to stop spoiling me) he was about to win. Boojah! He then got told I won the Stocholm chess championship when I was 10. I think that’s why he likes me. Too bad I haven’t played since then and suck.
Next step was to start moving all of Gs stuff down my end so we took a couple of big bags and headed down. It’s happening ❤
Then we all cooked dinner together and drank some lovely polish vodka before sending parents home and going to bed. Before midnight. On a Saturday.

Sunday morning style. 

Sunday afternoon was picnic and Highland games party (for all the bartenders. Free booze and food. Yes.) we chilled under a tree outside the area of carnage and drunk mess. 
When I ventured in W got attacked by a dog so I quickly left again. But I did manage to get a free drink before that. 
Tonight maybe seeing the parents again. It’s a bit of a schlep so we’ll see. All in all though, feel like I did a good job convincing them their son is happy here with me. Woop.

Damn, I love you London

Had a great day yesterday. In every way. Work went well and people were less angry. Slowly winning over the angry Frenchmen. If I can do this I can pretty much do anything. 

Don’t mind the finger. I’m AM very happy with life here. All the weekend drama gone with the wind. Maybe I’m giving misery the finger. Yes, that is definitely what im doing. 

I decided to work for an hour in the garden at the office. Right decision. I added music to my lists and tried out the lyric function. Because that is my job. 

Then picked up the hound and eagerly waited for the train because we were going for dinner at the dove down by the river. 

With this happy dude. He was wearing more clothes though. And looked less newly awoken.
After a very nice dinner headed home through summer London and I got pointers on how to impress the family. Apparently the dad will love me if I give him vodka and remember to look in his eyes while cheering and the mum if I seem to care about her son. 
I might be home safe. I can ace both of those. See me winning over the family (hopefully. I’m counting on W doing half the job by being all cute and shit).

Pretending to exercise

Katta and me took a walk yesterday. I wore my sports clothes for the first time in a year. I am not kidding you. 

Yes, I badly need to start going to the gym. Since I broke my arm almost a year ago I haven’t gotten back to anything resembling normality. 

With these fast looking clothes we flew by in the park. Almost. I had a little moan (yes, one of those days) and this morning I bullied Ol into taking some more of his stuff. Bad ass. 

After park times we had a well deserved chill out session on the sofa. Snoozy hound snoozy girls. 
Tonight dinner out in the sun. Because still summer after all. But first laugh at the fact that a 60+ CEO I met In a business meeting just told me ‘dont trust Australians’ when I told him my boyfriend is from Sydney. 
Ooookayyy. First of all, how bad can they be and secondly, you know you want me to do business with you right? 

When your weekend turns into a hot mess

Weekend done and dusted. Kind of emotional (don’t worry lulle, I’ll tell you all about it)z

On Friday met with Tomlins in east at portside parlour. Had a couple of drinks before bringing my entourage of  Gs baby bro Steven and hound to their flat for Indian and drinks. 

The dogs had a great time. Us too. Steven is ace. And so weirdly alike George but at the same time completely different. He does however gives the best hugs just like his brother. 

Was home by midnight and got mentally ready for the Ol coming over and clearing out the flat. 

It was a bit of an emotional shit storm. Both because it was sad (a lot of memories being brought up) and because I also got royally pissed since a LOT of things still got left behind. 
Crying and wanting to kill someone at the same time. #life #exboyfriends. 
On Sunday morning I woke up sans boyfriend. He stayed on at the after party. Let’s just say my slightly fragile mental state made that the famous last drop. 
Not having seen him properly for what felt like eternity also added to the angry ‘don’t bother coming by, i don’t want to see you right now’ messages. 
Eventually he texted asking if he could come and pick his book up and having cooled down I could laugh at myself again. 
All good in the hood. 
I left him at home sleeping and went for this weekend’s last emotional break down – saying goodbye to dani moving to SF. Going to miss that absolutely crazy and amazing soul mate of mine. 

All of that drama can only be fixed with one thing. Chocolate balls and cuddles. I got both. Sometimes you win.