Pretending to exercise

Katta and me took a walk yesterday. I wore my sports clothes for the first time in a year. I am not kidding you. 

Yes, I badly need to start going to the gym. Since I broke my arm almost a year ago I haven’t gotten back to anything resembling normality. 

With these fast looking clothes we flew by in the park. Almost. I had a little moan (yes, one of those days) and this morning I bullied Ol into taking some more of his stuff. Bad ass. 

After park times we had a well deserved chill out session on the sofa. Snoozy hound snoozy girls. 
Tonight dinner out in the sun. Because still summer after all. But first laugh at the fact that a 60+ CEO I met In a business meeting just told me ‘dont trust Australians’ when I told him my boyfriend is from Sydney. 
Ooookayyy. First of all, how bad can they be and secondly, you know you want me to do business with you right? 

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