Damn, I love you London

Had a great day yesterday. In every way. Work went well and people were less angry. Slowly winning over the angry Frenchmen. If I can do this I can pretty much do anything. 

Don’t mind the finger. I’m AM very happy with life here. All the weekend drama gone with the wind. Maybe I’m giving misery the finger. Yes, that is definitely what im doing. 

I decided to work for an hour in the garden at the office. Right decision. I added music to my lists and tried out the lyric function. Because that is my job. 

Then picked up the hound and eagerly waited for the train because we were going for dinner at the dove down by the river. 

With this happy dude. He was wearing more clothes though. And looked less newly awoken.
After a very nice dinner headed home through summer London and I got pointers on how to impress the family. Apparently the dad will love me if I give him vodka and remember to look in his eyes while cheering and the mum if I seem to care about her son. 
I might be home safe. I can ace both of those. See me winning over the family (hopefully. I’m counting on W doing half the job by being all cute and shit).

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