On fire

Last night went to the polish with George parents. It was delicious as ever. But I need a food and alcohol break. Badly. They want me to come to Found tonight but I’m not sure my body can handle it. I’m weak. The Bulgarians are killing me.

Speaking of alcohol. Here’s some pictures from last weeks drinking night with Gamesys crew. 

There was a lot of jägerbombs involved. 

As always with this lovely lady.

Kola kept telling everyone to use flash when trying to photograph him. That’s never really my problem. 

Cool girls having a great time together. Because why hang out when you can Instagram how much fun you are having.  

But we were on fire with the finger dance. Hands up for the finger dance. 

Loving this crazy crew, hated the hung over the day after. 
Always worth it though. 

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