Dreaming of Friday

Friday. Freaking awesome. This week has been quick though. And warm. Will dream of this when winter hits.

On Sunday me and George head to Oxford for an overnight stay. Much needed. We are planning punting and walks and all the other lovely things.

And a crazy party in our hotel room channelling fear and loathing in Las Vegas. Had to be done when this showed up on my recommended buys from Asos.

High five for my branding.

Other exiting things in my every day life? I bought a pink pig you for Woolly. Yup. Crazy like that.

Then I took a little spin on the bike again. Look what being alone in my flat does to me…

Very sweaty!! Problem with being extremely unfit. But that will change with cissis booth camp.

Then we slept. Because that is what we do when no one is around.

But today fridaying. Heading up to found later. Woop woop

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