Living Oxford

The last of the bank holidays are done and dusted. Now we have to wait until Christmas. And yes, the count down have already started. Ofc.

Bank holidaying though. On Friday we had work drinks and then I joined our new starter Natalia, who is my friend jeans girlfriend, back to their place.

Jeans been telling me i have to come visit in the new flat and end up on their photo wall representing Sweden.

I did! The polish tries to claim the vodka, then at least I can claim the ability to swig straight from the bottle.

Go Sweden.

Jean was a very happy boy after being given wes Anderson shoes by Natalia. Good skills.

Then London bank holiday happened. I went to found. Then we went to loves. And shutterbug. And maybe some other places. Who knows. We missed 7 am cut off time with 5 mins.

On Saturday it was a BBQ at Bellas place. I was ruined though so I mostly chilled and drank tea and then slept on a bench at found until George was done cleaning up at 4am.

That’s when we moved in the last of his stuff. Why be normal?

Woke up early (ish) on Sunday and headed to Oxford. I played the best joke and had booked the swankiest 5 star in town and George face when he realises he is rocking up in a Wonder Woman t-shirt was a winner.

We headed out and drank ciders at the Turf. Apparently in good company. It was here the former Australian prime minister did the record breaking yard challenge. And Clinton not inhaled the smoke.

We stayed with the ciders.

Headed to the hotel and this is George best ‘wtf’ face. Because soo fancy.

Look at him fitting right in.

Our room was lovely and featured a bible. Now we have the answer to why George is an atheist…

For dinned went to an awesome middle eastern meet tapas restaurant and ate ALL the food.

Then we rolled home appreciating the quiet of the Oxford streets. Tried to go to a bar but everything was closed. Our livers rejoiced.

Came home, went to bathroom and when coming out again got greeted by this extraordinary sight.

So much awesome.

And then breakfast. Because yes. 5 star hotel breakfast is pretty banging. Especially sitting in a room that is my dads wet dream.

We had about 10 min before we needed to leave the room. So I made sure to use the robe and pretend it was my life for a bit.

For our last day we ended up spending about 2 hours in different book store. Serious love my life vibes when you find a man who loves books as much as you. And that you can buy 6 books with that both want to read.

So yeah, love my life.

After all that exercise cider time. We went to a pub from the late 13th century. And made our century proud by drinking and discussing almost intellectual things.

Then we had one too many and booked an overnight (!) trip to Prague next weekend to go see Dan perform his play. Because obviously that is what we do.

Oxford. You were awesome. Bank holiday, you killed me.

Today George brother is back in town. No rest for the wicked.

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