When a man moves in with a saw

Love the weeks when you have a cheeky Monday off because they feel so quick. Except I was SO TIRED yesterday that day felt like at least 3 days. So in the end a loser.

Once I came home from work I admired our Oxford book shop buys.

And my new Christmas decoration. George is starting to get a feel for the craze that is me and Christmas. Poor guy. But. On the other hand, only 115 days to Christmas.

I cooked us delicious dinner. Crab, chopska salad and corn on the cob. A given combo. But the crab was too crab-y for George so I got it all.

Then I placed my ass firmly on the sofa with a bag of bilar admiring my man doing creative things. Like designing me a ring.

Woolly, the master chiller, did what he does best. Chilled.

Went up close to see what he is actually doing with those torture instruments he has brought into my flat.

Looks legit…

Kind of hot. A sexy man with a saw making me jewellery.

I crashed into bed around 11 and missed baby brother George coming to the flat but I’m sure I’ll get to see him over the week.

Came to work after a somewhat lazy morning and found this in my phone. Hunk.

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