It’s that time of week again

Friday! Yes! I love how the society has made sure we are like ‘wooooo, I love this day’ once every 7 days. Great way of keeping short attention span people happy.

Works for me. Loving my Friday. Seeing Jason tonight and then home to clear out the flat. We are currently 4 people in the place. Not even me, who cares nothing for tidy, can live like this.

Yesterday bought a duvet for our guests. Then found another, better duvet. So currently have 2 at home. Cissi, make sure you are not lazy and actually return one.

Got a picture from the brothers. They headed up east and are not coming back until tonight late. Miss them but give me time to clear.

Then I celebrated the fact that it’s soon Christmas. Well, it’s 79 work days for me. Feels like piece of cake.

My very nice colleague who lives in Stockholm brought me treats. Hands up for nice people that brings me things.

Ended my night tending my butterflies.

Not true. Ended my night putting away some of George stuff after having a very lovely dinner with Oliver that took a turn for the worse when I once again tried to make him clear out his stuff.

It’s never ending. He’s been there maybe 5 times but keeps leaving so much shit. With a place with 3 people living I don’t have space for another persons stuff, especially not all the things from someone’s dead grandpa.

He doesn’t get it. And I hate the fighting. So here we are. Wardrobes filled with empty boxes and cricket bats and basement with old chess sets and books.

Rant over. It’s Friday.

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