A weekend at Found

It’s raining in London today. Smells of fall. Decomposing leaves and wet. Woolly hates when it rains and tries to hide in bed and I wear my rain coat and wellies.

I kind of like it. Happy for the season to turn. Ready for candles and tea. And movies at home. Life have been spinning crazy for a while now.

On Friday I met Jason. Haven’t seen him for ages. We went to a street food market in Canada Water and ate everything and drank the rest. So nice seeing him.

Headed up to Found to say hi to George and his friends for half an hour before going home to my dog. We slept like babies in bed him and me.

On Saturday morning I made George breakfast in bed. Bagels with Nutella. That is weekend luxury. When you get everything you ask for.

I then ran off to meet Lollo for a secret history run through London. We chased clues and interrogated witnesses. Until Lollo had to leave half way through the mission to go play tennis. We would have been shit detectives.

I took W to the park and then met Tomlins for a pizza and cider on Broadway market.

We hid from the rain and checked out people and dogs.

After food went back to found to see the boys open before the people came and I took W home. There was a whole crew heading to a swingers club hanging down there so the vibe was…rowdy. Apparently people were found getting frisky in the bathroom.

Not a place for my little hound.

Before i crashed on the pillow saw these amazing news. Julia and Masken got married in NYC!!


Sunday feelings.

Me and mini hound went for a walk in Ravenscourt and then got back home and crept straight back into bed.

Not too bad for a Sunday (no, that’s not my hairy hand)

Ended the day at Found with Woolly feeling right at home as the bar dog.

Oskar hosted the first spoken word night and it was amazing. Katta had her brother in town and they came by for a verdita. As you do on Sundays.

After George closing the bar we headed home and my tired head hit the pillow at 12.30.

Weekend done and dusted.

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