One ring to rule them all

George made me a ring. He’s been very secretive using our eggs in his ring making business with little pots standing around not wanting me to see it before it was done.

Yesterday when I came home it was all polished, done and dusted.

Look at this beauty. I love it. Looks very much like a George ring but daintier and prettier. For a woman.

I especially like the cut that goes round to the side. Looks like nothing else I’ve ever seen.

Hidden on the other side is a little triangle. Which in George speak is basically a heart.

Not only was this Monday night made perfect by my ring. Stevan also left, which is not a good thing by any means BUT must admit I’m pretty happy to have my flat back

(And so I Jakob who accidentally walked in in Stevan and his lady friend having fun time in the living room when he was about to have dinner. I think we all want the flat back)

And last but not least, we went to see sausage party which was absolutely hilarious. And I got macaroons and popcorn.

Monday done right

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