Days in bed

Worked the afternoon from home yesterday since I was feeling utter shit and had some presentations etc that didn’t really need me in the office.

George was clearing his stuff. Channelling burning man. Or just wearing his preferred Tuesday outfit.

I was sat on the sofa feeling shit. Also stressing about all the things floating around in the flat. So, might have had a bit of a melt down.

George went off to shop for dinner and came home with a flower for me. Very sweet. Every girl loves a flower from time to time even if I’m more of a shots and books kind of gal.

He then cooked me dinner. I think
I can get used to this princess treatment.

Woolly was hanging with his bff the pig. I washed the duvet for his bed so he had nowhere to be. Other than the rest of his 5 beds in the flat.

This morning still feeling absolute shit. Not sure what it is but can barely get out of bed. Good thing I can work from home and gets served breakfast in bed.

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