Crayfish mayhem 2016

Loving the late summer here in London. Loving but ALSO very ready for Autumn. Want my new boots I bought in Prague…

In true late summer fashion we threw a crayfish party in London on Saturday.

What a party. People lasted longer this time but equally drunk. Cheesus.

George and me started morning lining our stomachs with tunnbrörulle and delicato balls. Because necessary when one is to drink for hours.

After chillin around at home we headed to kolas rugby club and started getting ready.

I was sure a lot of people would bail last minute but 47 out of 50 came. Good turn out…

Then crayfishing started. We sung, danced, ate, played with fire works and got very, very drunk…

And had an amazing time. Love parties like this. 50 friends in a room and the best time ever.

Not exactly sure what happened after that. There was a lot of glitter. Shots. Jean had to be sent home. People made out in the grass. Tommy fell on the floor.

Party as it should be in other words.

Here we are dancing the frog dance. The non swedes took to it happily.

Yes. Because fountain candles are ALWAYS a good idea. And who doesn’t look awesome in bibs?

Dimitra and me had much needed girls time and drank all the jägerbombs. Standard.

After the party was done we headed to an Irish pub and then I left go home.

George had left to meet up with some friends and I cabbed it home by myself to get an hour sleep before getting up at 4.30 to go to Prague. Because we are stupid. And awesome.

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