The world in focus

Katta and me took our river Wednesday walk last night. It’s getting dark earlier now. But still hot. Leaves everywhere. I dream of autumn now.

Walking done we headed home to make a veggie dream. Stir fried organic mushrooms, kale and haricot verts. Good for you.

My life – from bathing in alcohol and 2 hours sleep over the weekends to my body is a temple and 9h per night in the weeks. Balance.

Jumped into my new home glasses. The proper ones are not done yet. Makes me look all 70’s not so chic. Also, whaddup with the total glass bottle thickness of them. Blind as a bat.

They almost made me sick, the world is SO sharp. My astigmatic eyes means everything is always blurry. Like always. But with these. Wowsa. Feel like being in the funny house.

Early bed time but got woken up by George with a tooth ache. Poor guy. Tried to help but was dead to the world so fell right back to sleep. Bad girlfriend…

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