Charging my batteries

Had a quiet weekend at home in preparations for Paris this week. I’m heading already tomorrow morning and won’t be back until Sunday late.

Since it’s both pretty bad ass meetings in Paris as well as Jeans party I’ll need all the energy I can save up.

Hence full on battery charge all weekend.

On Friday we took team photos. Building the best team ever. Stevie does however hate being the short ass in the middle.

Went straight home from work and mega chilled all evening in my new, they make me sick they are so sharp, glasses.

On Saturday me and George headed to the park and met Kix, robin and Alex. Cake eating and tea drinking. Very sophisticated.

Finally Kix and George got to meet each other. So weird when so many of my absolute best friends haven’t met the guy I’m living with. I want the best people in the world to meet each other because so much awesome.

When George had to leave for work Woolly and me decided to join (honestly, W didn’t have much of a say…)

Family photo. One of those 21st century ones with a divorce dog and 4 different nationalities represented living in a country none of us are from.

Put W in his corner at Found. He is looking extremely sorry for himself but he had a pretty good time being fed left over scotch egg and cuddling with me for most of the night.

We headed home when the place for busy and lived out our biggest dreams by eating canned mackerel on the sofa like there are no rules to life at all. Bad to the bone.

Sunday park time. It’s prime squirrel season at the moment. Someone’s is NOT sorry.

After going straight back to bed and then out for a second walk with Katta Woolly and me fell asleep on the sofa like the crazy kids we are.


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