Leaving. Again.

In this very moment being tired on the Eurostar because early right now and also somewhat late dinner last night. But, have two hour sleep time before arriving in Paris. Also wearing biggest cardigan to snooze in because know it gets cold by now.


Reason for late dinner? We had Dan, Lucie and Lucies talented sister Marketa who wrote the play Dan starred in, over for dinner. And ciders. Many ciders.

Woolly loved everyone since the food came from the Turkish. All my training with that little dude flew out the window.

We mostly looked at pictures of their cat and laughed at Woolly. Ah pets, best thing ever.

The boys made their take over the world plans again and made me question my sanity a little bit when I decided to start going out with a guy who answered ‘you sew in her trousers a little bit every week’ on the question to how to break a woman.

Was thinking my clothes don’t really fit any longer…

Then everyone tried my glasses because hilariously geeky.

Dan also stole the metal on our cheap lighters to line his jacket with. He is one weird dude that one.

Haha. Very funny. Can’t help that when I wear them I look like a sexy nerd (I tell myself).

Now Paris. Wish me luck on the company wide presentations I’m doing today and tomorrow. Good thing I still have Sanna’s beta blockers from the wedding.

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