Back in London


Have had some issues with my app to blog here so sorry for no update since the crazy Paris trip. 
I survived and am back in London getting ready for a weekend in Sweden. Then holiday from travelling. Never thought I’d admit to being SO tired of travelling but I am. Just want to be in London and see my friends. 
Anyway, the very wet picture above is mondays when it was pouring down. Yesterday came home to chill with mini hound and then George brought some friends over – candace and Conan. 
Conal is on my good side after giving me this cool bracelets from one of his shoots (he’s a stylist for bands). Never say no to gifts…
Tonight taking it easy at home and finding a dress for this weekends wedding. Will also try and post some photos from the weekend to let you in on my princess dream I lived (minus lost flights etc)

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