Kind of tired now

Went up to hang with George at Found last night. With all the traveling don’t see him much so it was needed. Also had a Found Cake. Even more needed.


Woolly was bar dog and hung in his normal corner while I talked to Conal and Ben. 
I feel like I never see my friends any longer. Between always being away and having the dog when I’m home I haven’t seen anyone for ages. It’s not like I see George instead. 
Miss my friends. Miss my life. 2016 – the crazy wedding/hen do/work trip/always traveling year. 
If there is one thing I wish for 2017 it’s less of that. And a holiday that I get to choose. Without anyone getting married. Please universe. I’ll be nice. 
Saying goodbye to man, hound and London I keep smiling. Because what else can you do. Also realising I haven’t even bought a wedding gift because literally no time. 
Tax free cigarettes!? 
Best thing is mums home cooking and getting picked up at the airport though. 

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