Gearing up for crayfish mayhem 2016

We have our yearly crayfish party tomorrow and Jakob have done most of the preparations this year. Because I’ve been crap. And busy with work etc.

But, there is one thing that falls under me. The most important thing of all.

The Turkish pepper is the dishwasher shots.

Because they are delicious. And there is something so satisfying about making shots in the dishwasher. Husmorsknep.

Then Woolly and me chilled on our new duvet. It’s like a cloud. None of us wanted to move.

But eventually I had to get up to get the done deal out in the open. Look at these beauties!

Tonight making pies and getting the last things in place. Then crayfishing all around.

The last summer light

Took another day in bed yesterday. Not sure what was wrong with me but could barely get out of bed.

Maybe it was my big nose slowing me down…

After working from home all day I felt a bit better in the afternoon and Katta and me took a walk in those last rays of summer.

Absolutely stunning out and we made our way slowly along the river.

Taking photos and talking life.

Woolly was very happy about this decision.

Then we headed to mine, ate all my veggies and by 10 I crashed back into bed. Today full force at work again. Even started with a W walk in the park with Oliver.

Soon weekend and crazy 😦

Days in bed

Worked the afternoon from home yesterday since I was feeling utter shit and had some presentations etc that didn’t really need me in the office.

George was clearing his stuff. Channelling burning man. Or just wearing his preferred Tuesday outfit.

I was sat on the sofa feeling shit. Also stressing about all the things floating around in the flat. So, might have had a bit of a melt down.

George went off to shop for dinner and came home with a flower for me. Very sweet. Every girl loves a flower from time to time even if I’m more of a shots and books kind of gal.

He then cooked me dinner. I think
I can get used to this princess treatment.

Woolly was hanging with his bff the pig. I washed the duvet for his bed so he had nowhere to be. Other than the rest of his 5 beds in the flat.

This morning still feeling absolute shit. Not sure what it is but can barely get out of bed. Good thing I can work from home and gets served breakfast in bed.

One ring to rule them all

George made me a ring. He’s been very secretive using our eggs in his ring making business with little pots standing around not wanting me to see it before it was done.

Yesterday when I came home it was all polished, done and dusted.

Look at this beauty. I love it. Looks very much like a George ring but daintier and prettier. For a woman.

I especially like the cut that goes round to the side. Looks like nothing else I’ve ever seen.

Hidden on the other side is a little triangle. Which in George speak is basically a heart.

Not only was this Monday night made perfect by my ring. Stevan also left, which is not a good thing by any means BUT must admit I’m pretty happy to have my flat back

(And so I Jakob who accidentally walked in in Stevan and his lady friend having fun time in the living room when he was about to have dinner. I think we all want the flat back)

And last but not least, we went to see sausage party which was absolutely hilarious. And I got macaroons and popcorn.

Monday done right

Queen of glasses

My eye sight is pretty bad. I’m -4. For anyone with glasses they know that is kind of blind. As in you can’t leave your house without contacts because won’t see shit.

You would think that this handicapped would mean I own a pair of glasses less that 20 years old. And that I’d been to the optician in the last 10 years.

It doesn’t.

So today I finally did the grown up thing and went to get new glasses. Because head aches and suspicion that the 10 years without check up means my contacts are way too weak.

I was right. Apparently I’m -1 off on my prescription. That’s a lot.

So I started by finding a pair of sexy librarian glasses.

And while at it got another pair for free. Because no more blind. Also going to get my contacts checked and update because tired of the head aches.

Look at me adulting

A weekend at Found

It’s raining in London today. Smells of fall. Decomposing leaves and wet. Woolly hates when it rains and tries to hide in bed and I wear my rain coat and wellies.

I kind of like it. Happy for the season to turn. Ready for candles and tea. And movies at home. Life have been spinning crazy for a while now.

On Friday I met Jason. Haven’t seen him for ages. We went to a street food market in Canada Water and ate everything and drank the rest. So nice seeing him.

Headed up to Found to say hi to George and his friends for half an hour before going home to my dog. We slept like babies in bed him and me.

On Saturday morning I made George breakfast in bed. Bagels with Nutella. That is weekend luxury. When you get everything you ask for.

I then ran off to meet Lollo for a secret history run through London. We chased clues and interrogated witnesses. Until Lollo had to leave half way through the mission to go play tennis. We would have been shit detectives.

I took W to the park and then met Tomlins for a pizza and cider on Broadway market.

We hid from the rain and checked out people and dogs.

After food went back to found to see the boys open before the people came and I took W home. There was a whole crew heading to a swingers club hanging down there so the vibe was…rowdy. Apparently people were found getting frisky in the bathroom.

Not a place for my little hound.

Before i crashed on the pillow saw these amazing news. Julia and Masken got married in NYC!!


Sunday feelings.

Me and mini hound went for a walk in Ravenscourt and then got back home and crept straight back into bed.

Not too bad for a Sunday (no, that’s not my hairy hand)

Ended the day at Found with Woolly feeling right at home as the bar dog.

Oskar hosted the first spoken word night and it was amazing. Katta had her brother in town and they came by for a verdita. As you do on Sundays.

After George closing the bar we headed home and my tired head hit the pillow at 12.30.

Weekend done and dusted.

It’s that time of week again

Friday! Yes! I love how the society has made sure we are like ‘wooooo, I love this day’ once every 7 days. Great way of keeping short attention span people happy.

Works for me. Loving my Friday. Seeing Jason tonight and then home to clear out the flat. We are currently 4 people in the place. Not even me, who cares nothing for tidy, can live like this.

Yesterday bought a duvet for our guests. Then found another, better duvet. So currently have 2 at home. Cissi, make sure you are not lazy and actually return one.

Got a picture from the brothers. They headed up east and are not coming back until tonight late. Miss them but give me time to clear.

Then I celebrated the fact that it’s soon Christmas. Well, it’s 79 work days for me. Feels like piece of cake.

My very nice colleague who lives in Stockholm brought me treats. Hands up for nice people that brings me things.

Ended my night tending my butterflies.

Not true. Ended my night putting away some of George stuff after having a very lovely dinner with Oliver that took a turn for the worse when I once again tried to make him clear out his stuff.

It’s never ending. He’s been there maybe 5 times but keeps leaving so much shit. With a place with 3 people living I don’t have space for another persons stuff, especially not all the things from someone’s dead grandpa.

He doesn’t get it. And I hate the fighting. So here we are. Wardrobes filled with empty boxes and cricket bats and basement with old chess sets and books.

Rant over. It’s Friday.


Last night took a long walk on scrubs with Katta and mini hound. She has sold her flat in Sweden and is now London through and through.


We celebrated that by being generally awesome. As we do.

Coming home my room was taken over by Baby K. I cooked him dinner and we chilled not having to energy to move out sorry asses.

Stevan tried to suggest going for a drink but his brother killed me last weekend.

So instead I made his bed and tried to make him sleepy by being really boring. I think i succeeded.

Also bought our Sydney tickets last night. Found some really cheap ones. So now living on a shoe string for a while.