Getting all excited

It’s Halloween today. And I’m dressing up. Yes, I might be way too happy about this but in my defense, nothing at all last year and the whole weekend outfit free when the rest of the world went bananas.

So for tonight whipping out the make up box and going crazy for an hour before heading up to loves. 
Won’t tell you yet what the plan is if it goes horribly wrong and I end up hiding in my onsie. 
My colleague nailed with his little ones. Such awesome. Best reason to have kids ever.
Hopefully I have something half as good to show you tomorrow. 

Seriously good boyfriend

Came home to the sweetest thing yesterday. 

George was sleeping up East to not have to schlep it all the way home on the night bus and naturally I felt a bit lonely not only missing out on seeing him during the lunches but also not getting my nightly hug. 
A girl needs her hugs.
Anyway, get home and G has left the computer by the bed having downloaded and queued up a season of new girl.
Seriously nothing better than new girl in bed when you feel lonely.
So I headed out for dinner with Oliver, belated birthday gift, and then straight back to bed for all the new girl 
If you are going to leave your girl at home that is how you make her miss you a little less. With that said, will head straight to Found after work. I have no cool.

Falling into fall

Hey from my desk at the office 

*waving emoji hand*
I’m busy bee but sometimes you need to update the world on life. More important than customer segments and integration. Promise. 
It’s. So. Much. Fall. Outside. And in my heart. Not in a bad way, it’s just filled with cozy corners and candle light. I miss George every night. But I don’t tell him, I don’t want him too feel bad. 
Lollo and me compete in who can go to bed the earliest for tomorrow to come. But I wait for that magic hour between 1-3 when he wakes me up and I get to cuddle up in strong arms and hairy chest.
Seriously…hairy chests….
This might be life. 
Yesterday met with Benjie. We had a couple of drinks and updated on the last 4 months. I just haven’t had time for my friends at all this year. 
That eats at my soul because bad at dealing with the guilt but try and think that I couldn’t have done better. Literally no time. 
It’s not too far away to chill in a cottage in the forest. And first enjoying fall in London. Strong smelly candle game. 

So far sounds

I love London. I love the things you can do here. I love that yesterday me and George went to a secret concert in someone’s living room listening to three very different but equally awesome acts. 

The reason we are looking so unhappy is the fact that we nailed double portions of jacket potato before having to run to the just revealed address in Hammersmith. 
To a living room filled with strangers all there to enjoy some live music. 
The concept is called so far sounds 
And you sign up, apply for tickets to a secret location seeing a secret band and if you get chosen you go and have an awesome time. Promise. 
Being somewhat tired on a Monday this was the best ever. Bring your own booze, music and loads of cool people. Like a extra awesome house party but won’t seriously epic music acts. 
Extra love for the last one fiddling away British folk music. 
After the show we went for a cider (black cherry, yum) and then home or the last episode of westworld. 
All kinds of awesome Monday!!
And swedes, you should check this out in sthlm! It’s really worth it, pinky promise. 

London times

Buckle down and get ready guys – it’s Friday, I’m in London and I’m dog free. It’s about 2 months since that happened last. 

I can’t even explain how happy I am there are no more trips for a bit. I need to see my friends and have some fun in this city of mine. 
So tonight Katta and me are going to Found and then we’ll see what the night has to offer. Don’t have to pick W up until the afternoon so I’m going to sleep in stupidly late tomorrow. And George has promised to make me breakfast. Win. 
Feeling pretty excited about this!  
Also have half of my Xmas gifts sorted. Feeling pretty excited about this as well. 
Life. Pretty good. 

Galantis you heroes

We went to see Galantis last night. Only one of the best bands to come out of Sweden in the last couple of years.

Love them. And fucking loved that concert. Everyone was dancing, the band stood on the table having the time of their life and George and me had vodka redbull. 
George had barely seen them before but I think my crazy dancing (and the fireball shot) convinced him of epicness 
Because they were. 
After the concert we went back into town and met up with Harry, Charlie and Maria for a little cheeky after party at Portside. Even if it’s closed nowadays. That’s why you know people who know people…
Drinks tonight got cancelled. Stupid happy about that. That means home time. And smelly candle time. Big up for autumn. 
Only 46 working days until Christmas holidays.


Sofa Tuesday. Feel like that’s all I do on Tuesdays. But since it’s prime candle time I’m not complaining. 

I read a book, watched some Netflix, realised its soon November and a) I’m allowed to start listening to Christmas music kind of now b) I can soon sneak in some decorations. George is still indulging my crazy with a smile. Cause he has seen nothing yet. 
I also realised I have NO idea what I’m doing for Halloween. No plans. I missed last year and now I haven’t even thought about it. 
Bad halloweener. 
Tonight going to a galantis concert with George and then just out and about because fun and to celebrate that I’ve managed to get one of the big mile stones at work done. 
Rocking this Wednesday. 

A quickie with Filippa

Had Filippa for an in and out yesterday. In and out of London that is, don’t get any dirty ideas. 

It was a first time for meeting both my hairy heroes – Woolly and George. Woolly slept and George talked. So she got the full treatment. 
I had bought nice flowers to make the flat lovely for her. They caught fire. Once a mess always a mess. 
We ate our own body weight in cheese. That was pretty awesome. Then we talked. This morning we had a lovely breakfast before sending F off in the big world. 
Next time I’ll get her roaring drunk. That’s a promise. 
But tonight sleepy snoozy. 

October life

Went home during lunch to crash in bed for a 20 min snuggle with George. It’s definitely October out there. Then you need hugs. Pretty much all the time. 

Came home to this dude on Friday from
Paris. He is sick so tried to trick him to eat his medicine and mostly just stroked his little furry belly. 
On Saturday fall walkies. Looking smart in the Barbour jacket Elin once ‘borrowed’ from a pub. 
In the afternoon it was Lollo’s bday lunch and I took no pictures because I’m useless. But I wore the same dress as last year so that could have saved it if I didn’t realise I didn’t take any pictures last year either. 
George and Lollo finally met each other. Not many left now #gottocatchemall
Then headed home for W with massive fomo and sent sad ‘wish I was there’ pictures to everyone I know. 
Sunday a 25k walk in Richmond including petersham lunch with Lollo. My ass is feeling that today. 
After all that good balanced it out with bad and went to Found for a drink and then to electric cinema in east with George and crew. We ate ALL the food and watched ‘war on everyone’. Excellent Sunday night. 
Tonight Filippa is here for an evening. Need sleep but need Filippa more. 

White Russians and bikers

How was last night one might ask? Filled with birthday drinks, french people with terrible English and biker dudes. And free shots of course. Because awesome. 

Waited for Sanna and Peter at a place called Mary Celeste. They were late. Of course. But then we had oysters and all was forgiven. 
Because dinner was planned at the other end of town we ended up drifting in the rain trying to find a dinner place. And ended up at this biker bar that served White Russians 
What better way celebrating Sanna 35. 
After this we went to little red door. The guys working there knows my London crew and Dans name got us instant free shots. 
And if it’s free you have to drink…
We drank some slightly weird cocktails and talked to London people and gave away macaroons. As you do. 
Was home by 1.30 after a lovely night with the crew. 
Today crazy meetings and can’t wait to sleep on the Eurostar…