Back in the town of cheese and love

Took the train to Paris again. Because that is apparently what I do. 

Hands up for sleeping on trains rather than annoying flights. Especially when you have to leave the flat and your warm bed at 6am.
Had a bye bye London drink at Found last night. Me and George tested drinks for getting the family drunk at Christmas. 
Hot damn for a plum pisco sour. And then he made my knees weak by talking about a cinnamon and clove syrup. Yes please. 
This is me looking at two pretty amazing things. My man and a found cake. It has amaretto in it. Tastes like fake cherries. Love that stuff. 
Then we closed the bar, run through the rain to catch the last tube, got home to pack and after 4h sleep had to peel myself from that warm bed and head to the train. 
Tired and cold. Slept like a baby on the train. 
Soon out to celebrate Sanna’s birthday. Maggie sent a happy birthday picture from sthlm 
I know those people…

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