White Russians and bikers

How was last night one might ask? Filled with birthday drinks, french people with terrible English and biker dudes. And free shots of course. Because awesome. 

Waited for Sanna and Peter at a place called Mary Celeste. They were late. Of course. But then we had oysters and all was forgiven. 
Because dinner was planned at the other end of town we ended up drifting in the rain trying to find a dinner place. And ended up at this biker bar that served White Russians 
What better way celebrating Sanna 35. 
After this we went to little red door. The guys working there knows my London crew and Dans name got us instant free shots. 
And if it’s free you have to drink…
We drank some slightly weird cocktails and talked to London people and gave away macaroons. As you do. 
Was home by 1.30 after a lovely night with the crew. 
Today crazy meetings and can’t wait to sleep on the Eurostar…

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