October life

Went home during lunch to crash in bed for a 20 min snuggle with George. It’s definitely October out there. Then you need hugs. Pretty much all the time. 

Came home to this dude on Friday from
Paris. He is sick so tried to trick him to eat his medicine and mostly just stroked his little furry belly. 
On Saturday fall walkies. Looking smart in the Barbour jacket Elin once ‘borrowed’ from a pub. 
In the afternoon it was Lollo’s bday lunch and I took no pictures because I’m useless. But I wore the same dress as last year so that could have saved it if I didn’t realise I didn’t take any pictures last year either. 
George and Lollo finally met each other. Not many left now #gottocatchemall
Then headed home for W with massive fomo and sent sad ‘wish I was there’ pictures to everyone I know. 
Sunday a 25k walk in Richmond including petersham lunch with Lollo. My ass is feeling that today. 
After all that good balanced it out with bad and went to Found for a drink and then to electric cinema in east with George and crew. We ate ALL the food and watched ‘war on everyone’. Excellent Sunday night. 
Tonight Filippa is here for an evening. Need sleep but need Filippa more. 

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