So far sounds

I love London. I love the things you can do here. I love that yesterday me and George went to a secret concert in someone’s living room listening to three very different but equally awesome acts. 

The reason we are looking so unhappy is the fact that we nailed double portions of jacket potato before having to run to the just revealed address in Hammersmith. 
To a living room filled with strangers all there to enjoy some live music. 
The concept is called so far sounds 
And you sign up, apply for tickets to a secret location seeing a secret band and if you get chosen you go and have an awesome time. Promise. 
Being somewhat tired on a Monday this was the best ever. Bring your own booze, music and loads of cool people. Like a extra awesome house party but won’t seriously epic music acts. 
Extra love for the last one fiddling away British folk music. 
After the show we went for a cider (black cherry, yum) and then home or the last episode of westworld. 
All kinds of awesome Monday!!
And swedes, you should check this out in sthlm! It’s really worth it, pinky promise. 

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