Falling into fall

Hey from my desk at the office 

*waving emoji hand*
I’m busy bee but sometimes you need to update the world on life. More important than customer segments and integration. Promise. 
It’s. So. Much. Fall. Outside. And in my heart. Not in a bad way, it’s just filled with cozy corners and candle light. I miss George every night. But I don’t tell him, I don’t want him too feel bad. 
Lollo and me compete in who can go to bed the earliest for tomorrow to come. But I wait for that magic hour between 1-3 when he wakes me up and I get to cuddle up in strong arms and hairy chest.
Seriously…hairy chests….
This might be life. 
Yesterday met with Benjie. We had a couple of drinks and updated on the last 4 months. I just haven’t had time for my friends at all this year. 
That eats at my soul because bad at dealing with the guilt but try and think that I couldn’t have done better. Literally no time. 
It’s not too far away to chill in a cottage in the forest. And first enjoying fall in London. Strong smelly candle game. 

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