Back in the town of cheese and love

Took the train to Paris again. Because that is apparently what I do. 

Hands up for sleeping on trains rather than annoying flights. Especially when you have to leave the flat and your warm bed at 6am.
Had a bye bye London drink at Found last night. Me and George tested drinks for getting the family drunk at Christmas. 
Hot damn for a plum pisco sour. And then he made my knees weak by talking about a cinnamon and clove syrup. Yes please. 
This is me looking at two pretty amazing things. My man and a found cake. It has amaretto in it. Tastes like fake cherries. Love that stuff. 
Then we closed the bar, run through the rain to catch the last tube, got home to pack and after 4h sleep had to peel myself from that warm bed and head to the train. 
Tired and cold. Slept like a baby on the train. 
Soon out to celebrate Sanna’s birthday. Maggie sent a happy birthday picture from sthlm 
I know those people…

Walks and meetings = life

Walk with Katta yesterday. And then dinner on all my Abel and Cole veggies. It’s becoming a weekly tradition. And the only exercise I get between making life happen. 

Oh the days when there was no dog sharing, trying to see boyfriends, trips for work. 
On the other hand. Life!! (But, no exercise and a love for pasta ain’t doing wonders for my ass. Or maybe it is, depends on who you ask) 
I’m swamped in meetings at the moment (yes, doing this in a somewhat less important meeting). How can anything ever be done when you do back to back meetings for from 10-5 every day? 
Tonight swinging up to Found before heading to Paris tomorrow for work and celebrating Sanna’s bday. 
Combining work trip with private fun – winning. 

My weekend in moments

My life is just…really, really good at the moment. Despite, you know, life. It’s definitely no dance on roses and sometimes you want to cry in the shower. 

Because life wouldn’t be life if you never wanted to cry in the shower. At least not my life. 
But still. If me 3 years ago was told I could ever feel this good again I would have called bullshit. 
Even a Tuesday in October doesn’t feel particularly bad. 
Me and mini hound shared a delicious dinner of canned mackerel on Friday. Or ‘shared’. I got out stared and bullied. 
And I ate popcorn. Because October means indulgence. 
On Saturday morning I became with micro wave. Only taken about 3 years. 
Then I went to found, got drunk, danced, was showered in love by everyone, helped closing and empty a bar, danced some more and ended all of that by celebrating new micro wave by re heating the left over from the lunch George made me. 
Hands up for micro waves and boyfriends that cook you lunch. 
Most of Sunday was spent in bed. Basically all of Sunday. We did a woolly walk, George bought me some funky greens from the garden cafe (on my request) and then back to bed. 
Yesterday went to the cinema and saw Miss peregrines home for peculiar children. It was good. And I got loads of popcorn. 
Told you. Life. Pretty good. 

Me and my bed


It’s fall in London and I want to spend my day like this. Love my bed, love my duvet the cloud, love doing nothing. 
Handed in my strategy document today. I’ve been sweating over this for two weeks. George sent me a Can Solo to give me some boost. 
Can Solo da man. It’s cool. Need to do some small changes and clean it up but then ready to rock and rumble. 
Planning for bed life tonight. I’m tired and have gone into full autumnal candle and tea mood. 
But, it’s a testament to my happiness that it doesn’t come with the seasonal blues. I’m way too happy to feel anything else but extreme cosy. 
High five life. 

Gifts and dinners – a girl is doing alright

Got taken out for dinner last night. By my clients. Or, I’m kind of their client. Hence why taken out to fancy dinner. Don’t mind if I do.  

Then brought their CEO to Found for a last drink. And some verditas. Totally worth it. 
Earlier in the day they sent me a mysterious gift…
Champagne haribo bears all the way from America. Champagne. Gummi bears. Epic. 
As well as a ‘never lose your keys again’ thingie.
These guys know me. Honestly. And they are cool so I see great collaborations in the future. And drinking. 
Waited for George to close the bar last night and his friend Louise kept talking about our dream wedding. As in she literally dreamt our wedding. Apparently I’m wearing some kind of fish tail vintage lace extravaganza and we’re at a castle and she does the ceremony 
Didn’t have the heart to tell her that IF I’m getting married it will be at my country house with me dad doing the ceremony. And fish tail? 
Even if it’s sweet that someone else dreams up my wedding I feel like I need some say. And you know, decide to get married first. 

Staying at home dreaming of home

Sat at home working last night while Oskar was opening his new bar – Home. At home missing home. So far away from home. The puns are endless… 
That was painful. And felt way to adult. Who am I? Skipping BM and working from home? I’m not sure what to do with this new me. 


However, some things don’t change. You can always send selfies do your boyfriend. 
And play with your candy to try to avoid any real work. Because a kid still at heart. 
Tonight some kind of client dinner. Wearing high heels and coat. Kicking ass.

Night at home – the best

Flat night. For the entire tiny family. Can’t remember the last time that happened. 


We celebrated that with sofa, watching the end of a movie we’ve tried finishing three times now and doing absolutely nothing. 
Best. Night. Ever. 
We just never have that time so it feels like unspeakable luxury when we do. Collecting adult points. Doing laundry. Being boring on the sofa. You can’t be rock and roll all the time.
Today very busy at work and wearing my  BM fur dad gave me last year. Because always cold in the office and need to get some serious work done.
I’ve got so many deadlines this week it feels like my tiny mind is exploding. Tonight tea, candle, computer and work. A love story. 

Off again

Jetted in and out of Sweden this weekend for the last private trip before Christmas. Woohoo, being in London for the win! 


Wearing my fancy blue coat and kind of tired the trip went well and i got picked up by mum and dad. Luxury!! Have the best parents. 
On Saturday we did Nyköping. Most important was eating a cinnamon bun. Because VERY important always. 
And because my dad is an absolute hero he gave me this amazing ring. So pretty. 
Then I dressed in my finery
Got blinged up like a Christmas tree
And got ready to do this wedding business. 
 Mum and dad (did I tell you they are heroes) drove me the churh through half of sörmland. 
They joined in church to see Ebba get married 
Ebba was stunning and if was a beautiful ceremony with an absolutely lovely bonkers priest and lots of laughter. 
And then they were Mr and Mrs Weden. Woohoo. 
Onwards to the most important bit. Party times! I ran into most of my childhood friends and had a great time even if I was as flying solo. 
Dinner was at Sundbyholms slott and the food was delicious. My favourite- chanterelle soup…
Ebba was practically glowing with happiness.
After dinner it was dancing all night long and i of course closed the party around 5 in the morning. Winner. We went to find an after party and Anna told me i had NO excuse going to bed not having kids etc. Fair enough.
Awesome to see all the girls from my past. They are lovely and I do miss that having moved, the ones I don’t really have time to see when I am home. 
On Sunday the heroes came and got me and we drove through a very fall pretty Sweden before it was time for me to head home.
Got met by George at Liverpool Street and then crashed into bed around 2am. 
This week some client meetings and other important stuff but then sweet, sweet calm going forward.