Forest elf or shrek?


Went for some kind of forest elf look last night. With only 1h for the outfit when I realised half way I also looked a bit like the love child between a deranged clown and shrek it was kind of too late to back down.
So I went with it. And owned it on the London rush hour tube. 
At loves it was good times to be had and I was not alone in my dressed up weirdness any longer. 
These two hug bears were there giving alcohol and love to everyone. 
I then took a photo for George’s brother in the bathroom. As you do to family. That is the sticker for his artist name.
Repping S.Kape! 
Then my make up started to look more and more Halloween scary so I decided it was time to head home and hide in bed.
So I did. Because elves do what they promise. 
Next round Saturday for Kirstens wedding 

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