Dress up party girls night

You know how I decided to forget about the world and go for a drink yesterday. Well, I successfully did that. Like a pro. 

Headed up to Found after work and met up with Charlie and went for a nice girl dinner just the two of us. Normally she is either working or me with dog but tonight it was just the two of us, a bottle of wine and GT.
Went to a newly opened tapas restaurant called popolo up in shoreditch. Delicious. Then we headed back to Found, had a couple of more drinks and added Louise to our girl night.
And since those ladies are awesome and crazy we ended going to a place Lou works the door – a very high end strip club.
On the third floor was this cool dude moose head 
As well as a wealth of dress up clothes
We went straight for it (don’t want to think about what those clothes have been through before) 
Then we got shown the hidden room behind a book case where everything is expensive antiques and a lap dance costs you a couple of months salary 
That deserves looking sexy on a sofa. 
After that the girls returned me to George and continued their night out. I needed to be put to bed to be bright and shiny at work this morning.
Or, kind of bright and shiny…but, the day was instantly made better by my man having brought down gumbo from tujacks for me to have to lunch. 
That’s love…

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