The count down have started

It’s a serious count down to Christmas and holiday now. 25 more working days. I can do this…

I celebrated weekend by joining George to Found after my ice cold walk on Saturday (first bed. Of course.)
Me, Katta and Maria had dinner and then the need for heaven and hell took over and we placed ourselves firmly in the bar.
Madde, Christoffer, Eric and a couple of other swedes joined as well for what ended up being never ending cocktails. Because awesome. 
We finally got Lollo to Found. That was a long time coming. Only took 10 months. 
This guy <3. He was an excellent host as always and served us delicious shots and got us drunk. As you do if you like getting your swedes drunk. 
When I got home he couldn’t stop himself from giving me one of my Christmas gifts. He got too excited. As did I. Need this for my hung over Diet Coke on weekend mornings. 
Also got a belated bday gift from Madde and Christoffer. Like a year later. But awesome friends. The flat is like a unicorn land these days. 
And on Sunday the parents came. We went into town, popped by winter wonderland and had dinner at ivy brasserie, here dad and George are discussing what drinks to be served for Christmas break. Because want to get the family drunk. I applause that. 
Today monday. But made better for dinner with mum and dad at home. And tomorrow it’s Tuesday and one day closer to glorious, glorious holiday.

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