Parents in town

Me, sofa, hound. The perfect trifecta. It’s very cozy in the house right now slowly getting christmassed (sorry George but I can’t stop myself. Too much love for Christmas)

Last night had the parents over. We did take away Thai and drank George dads home made wine.
Apparently delicious despite being made in their garage in Sydney 🙂
My mum wouldn’t stop feeding W pepparkaka. This is a dog who doesn’t really get sugar. He fell in love…
And I think my parents love their hairy grandchild a little bit too…
And George charmed them with his Bulgarian ways. My two hairy heroes. Just want my family to love them as much as I do. 
Buying their love by George making cocktails for Christmas. Don’t be stupid…
This morning worked from home and sent selfies to George to pep him his interview. This is serious pep. And gangsta. 
Then lunch with the parents and got a name day gift in form of a hyacinth. Sometimes she is pretty damn awesome my mum. 

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