M83 – rocking my socks off

It was finally time for my 6 months gift to George. M83 in Brixton. Because all kinds of awesome and one of the bands we both really love. 

We met at Brixton station and went to Boqueria for dinner. Honestly some of the best tapas in London. 
George had a generally amazing day and was on top form. That meant shots. Great call. Thought me last night. Less so today.
Concert was all kinds of awesome. And busy. So we had to do the sway-ey seaweed dance. Like to 30 plus we are #coolkids
We drank vodka redbull. Because that’s what you do at concerts. Especially when you have serious ‘can’t stop dancing’ issues. 
Look at our happy faces. 
Rainbow unicorn lights. You know how to make a hippie raver happy (dreaming of burning man). 
Then we came home, talked fantasy and waited for George’s friend conal to pop by. I fed everyone and then went to bed because responsible. Surprised! Yes. Me too. 

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