A Sunday in Richmond

Happy one day past first of advent! 

I prepared my candle holder, made myself a cup of tea and cut up some ginger bread dough. George was out so it was just me and mini hound. Not too bad if you ask me. 
Before that Katta and me went to Richmond for a 4 hour walkathon. We kept saying ‘this is the best ever’. Because honestly, its the best ever. The outside! 
We found a castle that turned out to be a ballet school. Dreamed away of being princesses. 
But went to petersham for food instead pretty happy just being us.
And then ALL the Christmas baubles. But I was good and stopped myself from buying anything else than two hyacinths. High five me. 
Night ended with me eating a space lollipop and watching a Brazilian sci-fi. Worse ways of ending my Sunday. 

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