A frosty London

Being spoilt both by my boyfriend and by the London weather. And everything is going swimmingly at work. And to top it all – 2 more days to December. 

Yes, I’m unstable af at the moment and on Saturday I had a little cry in the morning but today all kinds of awesome. So let’s be REALLY happy when I get the chance. 
Welcome to crazy town.
Last nights dinner made by my man – bulgars badass bolognese. This is after the cleaned the flat, did the dishes and put on a wash. 
Must have done something right to deserve this. 
This morning took hound to an icy cold but beautiful London. Frost on the leaves in Ravenscourt. 
Woolly was in the best mood and even if it was painful leaving the bed at 7 instead of 8 it was worth it for the coming out in the sunshine. 
Woolly agreed and bombed around the park making friends. 
Still freezing at work because no boiler so I’m happy Im wearing my warmest sweater. 
Super chilled week so there will be a lot of sofa time. But flats been christmassed so I’m happy. 

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