A very splendid day

It’s finally here. December. Snow (we’ll, frost here in London), lights in the window, the smell of hyacinths, decorations and…

…the advent calendar 
My ridiculous, over sized, mental advent calendar. 
I woke George up like a kid on Christmas morning and ran out of bed to open it. He got caught up with my enthusiasm and ran after 
To open his lego calendar. So. Much. Awesome. 
Since I’m a kid and jumped around George looked a bit freaked out about the whole thing. Right back at ya, that’s normally you. 
After all that awesome I went to L’Oréal’s friends sale and bought gifts for everyone. Including myself. I now have way too much stuff again. 
When I came back into work the internet was down in the office so I sent my team home and I’m now getting ready to head up to Found soon to decorate the bar for Christmas. 
Pretty frekking amazing. 

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