Went all in Christmas this weekend. Because December. And missed so much of it last year with my arm.

Plus, who am I kidding, just generally love it. 
On Thursday headed up to Found to Christmas the bar. Wore my new Xmas jumper. Pretty bad ass. 
Except for drinking all the cocktails and staying out to late because G had friends in town I managed to put some stuff up I the busy bar.
But Saturday was the big day. Tree time. Here in London you put it up beginning of the December and I have happily adopted that.
So made George get out of bed to carry out 6 foot tree 
That turned out to be absolutely massive. Huge. 
But also pretty. 
The Jakob and Sandra came and we went out for an all nighter. She puts me to shame. I think it’s the 7 years she has on me that made me fall asleep on the after party and her keep going.
And because fails they missed their flight home and ended up staying with us one more night. Pretty cozy.
Today working from home. Because London is broken we have no heating or electricity in our office so having this pretty view instead. Not complaining. 
Only 13 more working days. 

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