Our office is still not fixed. Because London. I’m addition to that my dishwasher broke. And now I have to wait for my landlord to get back to me before I can fix it. Because also London. 

But, I love this city of mine. Bella is in town and tonight we are hitting the streets. Going up east to hang with my man and see the sights and wonders of hipsterland. 
But first working from home in my PJs with this winner. Taking him for a walk in a couple of hours but enjoying doing minimal effort movement first. 
Also realising it’s only 69 days left until we head to Sydney. That will be all kinds of awesome. Dreaming of sun. And beaches. Maybe I won’t come back. Good thing that my man is dead set on never moving back there. 
But a girl can dream. Of endless beach life, Friday night drinks and flawless skin. 
Hope you all have a great weekend. 

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