A very happy Lucia

Glad Lucia! Since it’s my office Christmas party today I’m missing out on the full experience so dressed up Woolly instead. 

Who needs a Lucia train when you have this guy by your side? 
Last night me and George had one of those rare nights at home. So we went all in with the projector, all the food, popcorn and some weird Aussie cheese twisters and watched magnificent 7. 
But first I got a message from this very happy guy saying he had a gift for me. 
Came home to this under the tree. Sorry for absolute cheese but there is so much love for a guy who treat me to this on a pretty shit Monday in December. 
And even more love for his absolute klutziness of putting some chewing gum all over his sock and foot. How? Me neither my friend.
All in all a pretty good Monday with my little family. 
Tonight Xmas party as mentioned and then off to Paris early tomorrow morning. It will be an in and out and thankfully I can sleep on the Eurostar. 
Over and out 

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