When your house gets broken into

3 days to go until I leave. Let’s just…enjoy that for a bit…

Ok, enjoyed. So let’s talk about the less enjoyable things that happened this weekend. After being down and out with a cold on Friday (hallelujah to getting that before Xmas) I decided to stay home all weekend. As in sofa and only leaving to walk W. 
So I did. I watched all seasons of skam and kosede meg.
But, if you hide from drama drama finds you (truth). On Saturday nighg around 1 I hear a loud crash and dead sure it was our massive Christmas tree going to its demise ran into the living room.
To be met by a man legging it out the window, glass and soil everywhere and a broken window. My shitty guard dog hid in the bedroom and me in chock wrapped myself in a blanket and just sat staring at that broken window trying to get hold of George.
And maybe crying just a little bit. Because scared. 
After about 30 min W came out into the room all high and mighty barking away. Too late buddy but sweet you wanted to protect me.
Another 30 min and George came home. Never been so happy to see anyone in my life. Poor guy had smashed his hand rushing home to me. But must admit i was happy he came so quickly. 
We sat staying at our broken window not sure how to go to sleep with an open window to the street. 
But every cloud has a silver lining and around 3 our very intoxicated neighbour showed up and it turns out he is a builder and between him and G they operated the saw and boarded up our window 
Thank god since this made we could go to bed and get some much needed sleep. 
On the Sunday I had the police and the forensics checking everything and could then finally clean up the flat before going to see Rogue one. 
Being a rational human being I was totally fine with everything until I completely broke down in bed that evening. Like on a massive scale crying to George how lonely I felt. Guess that’s to be expected after, you know, a mini trauma. 
But yesterday got the window fixed and then took back my flat lighting the last candle on the advent candles. 

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